Bayou Boat Race Fundraiser!

Saturday, November 21st
1pm at Cabrini Bridge.

The Telltales Sailing Collective has been plugging away at our lovely 27-foot sailboat and we’ve got plenty steam left but we’ve run out of money! So we’re having another fundraiser on the Bayou, with boats of course. Bring anything you have that floats (and can get under the bridges) to Cabrini Bridge and go for gold in our race, or get your face painted, bet on your friends and try your hand at our silly gambling machine while drinking hot buttered rum, eating delicious foods (Burgers! Oysters! Popcorn!), and listening to the sweet sounds of Steamboat Calypso and Wit’s End Brass Bands (and more?!). It’s sliding scale $5-15 per boat to race, with a free drink if you sign up in advance by emailing Race starts at 3pm. There will be prizes, oh so many prizes, for both racers and gamblers!