Small Boat Repair Class 11/15


Boat Repair Workshop November 15th

Our recent small boat repair workshop was a great success- thanks to everyone who came out to teach and learn and feed us snacks! We had four boats in attendance, in various states of distress and we manged to complete repairs on two of them and got a good start on the other two, while teaching a dozen people about the basics of epoxy and fiberglass repairs. The repairs were on wood and fiberglass and were all done with epoxy donated from the lovely folks at West System Epoxy.

We started with snacks and a short demo on how to work with epoxy:


DSCN5572      DSCN5559

Then we got to work!

Andrew Schrock was repairing a few cracks and adding some wear patches to his well-used fiberglass canoe:


Megan and Kelsi were repairing some fiberglass which was allowing the flotation foam in Megan’s canoe to get saturated with water:

IMG_4487  IMG_4489

While we all did a little work starting to repair a large hole in Paul’s Sunfish knock-off:

IMG_4451   IMG_4461

Brooks and Saiya had the biggest job repairing Saiya’s ageing wooden Mirror-class sailing dinghy. We talked about the approach and then they started by cutting out some panels of rotten wood which will need replacing:

IMG_4473 IMG_4468 IMG_4462 DSCN5566

It was a good, productive day!