About us

The Telltales Sailing Collective is a project to provide sailing opportunities in an environment which welcomes everyone regardless of gender, class, race, sexuality, and previous sailing experience. We recognize that opportunities to sail and to learn about sailing can be both rare and alienating, particularly for queer, trans and non-binary folks, but also for anyone not interested in the dominant sailing culture. We want to provide an alternative environment which is more welcoming and explicitly focused on teaching and learning.

Our collective primarily came out of two things: many conversations around the desire to make sailing more accessible and open, and a very generous offer of a donated boat with which to pursue these goals. This boat is “Sequoia,” a Tartan 30. T30s are seaworthy thirty-foot-long fiberglass boats built in the 70s. A crew of Telltales Collective members sailed Sequoia from the Chesapeake Bay area back to New Orleans in 2017. She is now docked at her new home at the Southshore Marina and, like all sailboats, requires regular maintenance and upkeep. We gladly accept donations of tools, supplies, hardware, time, and money to keep her in seaworthy condition.

Beyond some big and exciting ideas about what we would like to see come out of the Telltales Collective, we have made few final decisions about precisely how the collective will function. This is, in part, because we want to have as much community input as possible before making these types of decisions. We definitely plan to offer:

  • Open and free sailing classes
  • Queer and trans open sails and classes
  • Sailing rallies with our and other boats
  • Periodic workshops and classes on boat repair

We have discussed and will probably have:

  • More advanced sailing classes (offshore/heavy weather tactics, navigation, etc)
  • Overnight and longer trips and/or classes

For longer term prospects we have also discussed offering youth programs and opening some kind of collective boatbuilding shop!

See you on the water!