Meet the Boat at Lincoln Beach

The Telltales vessel is a donated 1977 fiberglass Tartan 30 called Sequoia. As we offer more community events and open sails, we’d like to extend an invitation to see her for yourself. Sunday, May 27th, come to Lincoln Beach on Pontchartrain. Sequoia will be anchored offshore from 2 pm til nightfall and receiving guests. Swim or paddle out, come aboard with snacks and beverages, and get a tour of the Sequoia in her home element.

4th Annual Bayou Boat Race

Come play with your local sailing collective! 2 pm til nightfall this Sat. May 19th at the train bridge near LSU Dental School on Moss St. Bring cash for drinks, food, and auction. Compete to win prizes in Dunk the Punk, Mini Boat Race, and the grand finale Boat Race. Music by Q!

Bayou Boat Race Fundraiser

Boat Race Flyer


Racers getting ready

Properly refitting a sailboat is expensive work and although we’ve been given some very valuable donations (such as five gallons of epoxy from the folks at West System!) we still need some funds in the kitty. What better way to raise a little money and get the word out about our project than to throw a party, with music, and food, and, of course, boats?


Rowan operating our ‘gambling’ table

Obviously we wanted to have our party on, or around, the water, but we also wanted it to be easy to attend for folks who don’t already have a boat (that’s the whole point of our project after all) so we decided to have a canoe and small boat race on Bayou St. John, one of the picturesque bayous running through New Orleans.


Bayou St. John, with our boat race in full swing

After a postponement due to rain we ended up with perfect weather- it was just chilly enough that everyone wanted a hot drink or two but the sun was shining all day and a lot of people came out to race canoes or cheer on their friends. To go with our race (and to make a little money!) we sold raffle tickets which could be used for a bunch of great raffle items donated by friends and local businesses or for various silly gambling games, like our take on the British Tombola.


Our homemade Tombola: Pay 1 ticket, spin until a ball flies out, and win the prize on the ball

Some of our prizes included a gift certificate to local bike shop Bicycle Michael’s, assorted goodies from the vintage store Blue Dream, ceramics, prints and line drawings from local artists, potted flowers,  sailing lessons and a private concert.


The prize table

This being New Orleans we had a donation bar set up as well and a grill going with a bunch of food that we made and that was donated by the New Orleans Community Kitchen.



And Popcorn!

We also had a bunch of prizes for the canoe race- ceramic canoes and bottles painted with boats:

IMG_4636 IMG_4631


At the raffle booth spectators were encouraged to bet raffle tickets on their favorite winners (or losers)


Our youngest racer getting ready. Not much good on the paddles but great for the cute factor


And look at that stylish lifejacket!

The race itself was a wild affair. Everyone started at once and they were tasked with a few challenges along their way to the turn-around buoy.


First races had to collect a balloon from the water on their way to the Cabrini Bridge, a veeery low bridge that they needed to canoe under

The bridge was a bit confusing for some of the racers…


Others hit it as just the right speed to coast on through. Here’s our first-place winners flying under:

IMG_4531 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 (2)

After the bridge was a buoy that needed to be rounded and at the buoy each boat picked up a ceramic medallion which was hung on a string of mardi gras beads.


Then the return trip: under the bridge again, collecting a ribbon along the way and one of the orange plaster eggs which we had hidden under the bridge, and back to the start/finish line!


I think the median age in this team is about 12!




The race was a total success- not a single capsized canoe! With the racers back on land we continued our party into the night with more food and hot drinks and, of course, music!

There were sets from two New Orleans based brass bands- Steamboat Calypso (who actually collectively own their own sailboat, a beautiful mostly wooden ketch which they’ll be touring aboard this Spring!) and Wit’s End Brass Band.

IMG_4620 IMG_4625

The beautiful sounds of Steamboat Calypso:

All in all, it was a grand success – we got the word out about our collective, we had a wonderful day on and near the water, and we even raised a bit of money!






Small Boat Repair Class 11/15


Boat Repair Workshop November 15th

Our recent small boat repair workshop was a great success- thanks to everyone who came out to teach and learn and feed us snacks! We had four boats in attendance, in various states of distress and we manged to complete repairs on two of them and got a good start on the other two, while teaching a dozen people about the basics of epoxy and fiberglass repairs. The repairs were on wood and fiberglass and were all done with epoxy donated from the lovely folks at West System Epoxy.

We started with snacks and a short demo on how to work with epoxy:


DSCN5572      DSCN5559

Then we got to work!

Andrew Schrock was repairing a few cracks and adding some wear patches to his well-used fiberglass canoe:


Megan and Kelsi were repairing some fiberglass which was allowing the flotation foam in Megan’s canoe to get saturated with water:

IMG_4487  IMG_4489

While we all did a little work starting to repair a large hole in Paul’s Sunfish knock-off:

IMG_4451   IMG_4461

Brooks and Saiya had the biggest job repairing Saiya’s ageing wooden Mirror-class sailing dinghy. We talked about the approach and then they started by cutting out some panels of rotten wood which will need replacing:

IMG_4473 IMG_4468 IMG_4462 DSCN5566

It was a good, productive day!

Small Boat Repair Class

Sunday, November 15th

1444 Montegut (@claiborne)

…canoe got too many holes to race in our Bayou Boat Race Fundraiser on November 21st? Fix it at the small boat repair class.

Bring yer boat! Please email if planning on bringing one.

Fiberglass! Plastic! Aluminum! Whatever!

Bayou Boat Race Fundraiser!

Saturday, November 21st
1pm at Cabrini Bridge.

The Telltales Sailing Collective has been plugging away at our lovely 27-foot sailboat and we’ve got plenty steam left but we’ve run out of money! So we’re having another fundraiser on the Bayou, with boats of course. Bring anything you have that floats (and can get under the bridges) to Cabrini Bridge and go for gold in our race, or get your face painted, bet on your friends and try your hand at our silly gambling machine while drinking hot buttered rum, eating delicious foods (Burgers! Oysters! Popcorn!), and listening to the sweet sounds of Steamboat Calypso and Wit’s End Brass Bands (and more?!). It’s sliding scale $5-15 per boat to race, with a free drink if you sign up in advance by emailing Race starts at 3pm. There will be prizes, oh so many prizes, for both racers and gamblers!